Multimedia 463  ::  Graphic Design for Multimedia

Final Project: Identity Campaign

Download a PDF of the requirements

You have been hired to create a new visual identity for [company of your choice]. Aside from a developing a new logo, you will apply it to several pieces that are listed below. You will present your concept to the "client" and explain your rationale for the new identity. How does the new logo better represent the company? How does the design of the creative reinforce it?

This project will encompass several theories and techniques you have learned in this course. Think carefully about how you need to apply these concepts to the project.


  1. New Logo (Symbol, logotype, or hybrid)
  2. New Creative
    1. Business card 3.5" x 2" @ 300dpi
    2. Billboard Must be a 3:1 ratio (width to height) @ 300dpi
    3. Magazine ad 8" x 11" @ 300dpi
    4. Web banner ads 300x600px, 300x250px, 728x90px, 180x150
    5. Website home page Designed for a 1024px wide screen